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Training For Longevity

Discover your Personal Biomechanics

To Achieve Your Goals The Right

Way. It's All About The CORE And So Much More. Sandi's Experience can get you there! 

Serving San Diego's North County Coastal Since 2000 As Featured In Local Media

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Hi, I’m Sandi

A Coach That Cares

I've worked with 100's of people who have reached their new lease on life at all different stages of life.  


Here what some of them have to say.

"Training with Sandi is making a difference in my life. When I had a heart attack, I thought my life would never be the same. It is not. It is better!!! Her training has been a key element in my recovery and weight loss."             

                                 -- T Smith, Carlsbad

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Sandi sees Longevity Training as a lifestyle approach that starts by taking baby steps to changing habits. She helps people accept that their emotional or physical injuries, weight gain or diagnosis, must not keep them from moving, strengthening and stretching. But that looks different for everyone, because of unique backgrounds and abilities. Sandi regularly uses the phrase "It's not a question of IF, it's HOW. Over the years, her methods have evolved, but have always had a profound effect on the overall wellbeing of the people she's encountered.

What Is Longevity Training?

Sandi says it's a commitment to adjusting the way we take care of our body throughout all stages of life.


It's paying attention to how our body is responding to what we are eating and doing physically. Most people have it within them to change. However, they often feel overwhelmed with life's tasks, and how to approach exercise and nutrition to elicit change. Often, they just need help determining the mechanisms getting in the way, and expert coaching to meet them at their starting point. When they begin to feel the profound effect taking this approach has on their body, they are elated at how it positively impacts every aspect of their life.


Sandi is a 20-year fitness & wellness professional, and the owner of Women’s Core Fitness. Clients of Sandi’s have testified to her passion in helping them become the best version of themselves. Her process of enhancing quality of movement begins with identifying imbalances in strength and flexibility, followed by creating individualized programs and progressions that dramatically impact her clients’ lives. Her achievements have been noted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE Fit For Life) and San Diego Magazine’s Best of San Diego. Although Sandi holds multiple certifications, she maintains her primary national certification as Personal Trainer through ACE, one of the few fitness certifications NCCA accredited. She is also a practitioner of Applied Functional Science certified through The Gray Institute and was among the first to become a Master Trainer for BOSU Inegrated Balance. She is a member of IDEA Fitness Association, having assisted over 20 years at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. Sandi's fitness dates back to high school when she was asked to be a student teacher for aerobics and the dance team while the teacher was on a leave of absence. Sandi started lifting weights at age 16. And through her careers, raising 2 children with her husband, and life's obstacles, she continues to walk the walk. Although fitness has always been a part of her life, she knows how starting an exercise program can be a life-changing experience. Sandi has helped transform many people, and she would love the opportunity to do that for you!


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Core Strengthening                           Functional Strength Training      

Body Composition Transformation        Interval/HIIT cardiovascular

Agility & Stability                              Pilates/Flexibility/Yoga


TRX    BOSU    RMT Club    Pilates Ring    Medicine Ball    VIPR    Stability Ball    Fascia Ball    Bender Ball    Glide Disk    Xertube    Resistance Band    Foam Roller    Balance Pods    Agility Laddar 

Andrea L, Carlsbad

"As a client, Sandi has traveled the health journey with me – as a true partner. I’m stronger and healthier due to her very tailored approach!"
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